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  • Why a rotor built into the tripod head?
    The weight of the internally-built rotational system is a fraction of the more common top-of-mast units and keeps the weight positioned in the best possible location – at the bottom of the mast. This dramatically increases stability versus a heavier top-of-mast system.
  • The hand crank is nearly effortless — how can this be? And won’t the gearing slip if the antenna wants to twist in the wind?
    The Mastwerks™ tripod head assembly utilizes an internal worm gear system that is injection-molded out of a self-lubricating material. The worm gear design does not allow the rotational forces on the mast to move the gears — only the crank can do that.
  • I like the hand crank, but what about remote operation?
    We are nearing full production of a motorized unit that replaces the hand crank with a simple quarter turn on the mounting nut. The motorized unit will be remotely controlled by a hand device that will allow for direct azimuth input which is calibrated by a magnetic compass mounted on the antenna mast. Available as an add-on accessory in Spring 2024.
  • Is there an adapter to retrofit my existing Buddipole™ mast to the Mastwerks™ system?
    Yes, Mastwerks™ has designed a wedge insert that allows the lever locks to tighten against the round Buddipole™ masts.
  • When can I purchase the articulating feet and base plate for the mast?
    Spring 2024
  • Where are the Mastwerks™ tripods and masts manufactured?
    Nearly every piece (except basic hardware like pins or screws) of the systems was custom designed and is being manufactured in the U.S. The custom aluminum tubing is extruded in Oregon and the injection molded parts are produced in Oregon as well.
  • Are the injection molded parts able to handle rough conditions and/or treatment?
    The materials used for the molded parts create incredibly strong parts that can handle just about anything you throw at them. In most cases the parts are stronger yet more resilient than machined aluminum parts.
  • Is there a manufacturer’s warranty on the systems?
    Yes, the basic manufacturer’s warranty guarantees each system to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase (original purchaser only). Product will be repaired or replaced at our option.
  • What is included with a Mastwerk’s™ system?
    Each 7m and 10m tripod/mast system comes with 2 mast guying kits (one upper, one lower), and each 4m system comes with one mast guying kit. Each system includes rubber feet, a hand crank, and an operating manual.
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